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The True Story of Red October by Stephen Goettle of Massachusetts

Tom Clancy’s millions of readers appreciate his ability to weave fact into captivating tales of fiction. In fact, the author’s debut novel, The Hunt for Red October, was inspired by a true story.

Clancy fans and moviegoers know that The Hunt for Red October follows the lives of a Soviet submarine captain and a CIA analyst. In the book, the Soviet sub attempts to defect to the West. Showing that art can imitate life, there was a Soviet sub officer named Valery Sablin who, in 1975, grew disheartened by the Soviet party and attempted to launch a revolution from within his sub. He broadcasted a proposal to the Soviet population encouraging them to overtake the regime.

Unlike his fictional counterpart, Sablin simply wished to instigate change; so far as historians can determine, he had no plans to relocate to the West. In the end, the KGB executed him for his attempt at mutiny.

Stephen Goettle is a Senior Finance Associate at Bain Capital, a firm located in Boston, MA. Outside of his responsibilities concerning private equity funds and holdings, he is an avid reader of the works of authors such as George R. R. Martin and Tom Clancy. He particularly enjoys Clancy’s earlier works such as The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, and Clear and Present Danger.